What is the student life?

As a student I’ve been feeling a little hard done by. My sister recently got married and I found myself cringing whenever somebody asked me what I did for a living. I realised somewhere in between my third and forth questioning that my automatic response had turned into ‘Well, I work for an estate agents whilst I’m at university.’ This way I was being asked about my job as opposed to my studies, so why was I embarrassed? This I still have to figure out myself, I think a multitude of factors were involved. My sister has a number of friends with particularly well-paid jobs and I think that by working whilst studying showed I work just as hard as they do and therefore cannot be belittled. Also, I wanted to show that I wasn’t just getting myself into debt, showing I had sense with money (F.Y.I. This is something I have yet to figure out!) and I think I enjoy just having a general sense of ‘Oh look at me the overachiever!’ I found myself querying these theories for a while after, why was I ashamed of being a student? After all parents save for years so that they can afford to send their children to university for the best possible education in the hope that they will succeed and achieve the best paid jobs. Are we no longer seen as the future generation and are we just perceived as dossing about for three years blowing tax-payers money? 

Well I refuse to feel this way anymore just because we have all been tarred with the same brush. We are now seen by the general public as louts. We are the ones that urinate on war memorials and we are the ones in the pubs downing pints mixed with beer and vodka, whilst 24 of our nearest and dearest chant ‘DOWN IT FRESHERRRR!’ Actually most of us aren’t, as with all walks of life the bad ones have ruined it for the rest of us. I can promise you that most of the people I know from university are incredibly bright and the types of students that are found in mass crowds screaming in pubs are in these groups because they have to congregate as no other student wants anything to do with them.

So when I was at my sister’s wedding and I did turn down free shots at the bar and I wasn’t dancing on tables by the end of the evening, I found everyone was referring to me as sensible. This is a word that doesn’t often occur when I’m being spoken about and came as quite a surprise to me and I have to wonder is because I told people I also work or am I just growing up?



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3 responses to “What is the student life?

  1. Unfortunately some students NEED to work, like me. I’d though, that I’m proud to be a student, even if it’s not the coolest thing on earth right now (which is mainly cause by working too much and not having enough time to study).

    But I do get your point. People assume that I drink/party all the time because I’m a student. That is so not the case. I actually resent people around me who party and keep me up late when I have to be at work the following day sharp at 6:30am.

    Now I’m not saying that I don’t have fun… I do. But trashing myself on the floor asking for one more drink isn’t what I consider fun. Though a glass of wine here and there never killed anyone.

    Also, when I have friends over, they always assume there are drinks involved for whatever reason. I do know we’re all stressed out and we want to forget all about that one paper we spent hours on- but I’d rather relaxed at the movie theater…


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