No Love’s labour’s lost for Shakespeare?

Growing up half an hour from Stratford-Upon-Avon has been a blessing for me as a Shakespeare fan. I see the most amazing productions of some of the best plays ever written on a regular basis and I enjoy every minute. As a child I took drama lessons and therefore had Shakespeare’s words drilled into me from a very young age and I enjoyed analysing every quote and finding different and hidden meanings in his words.  I was therefore skilled in the art of his rhythm and rhyme very early on and probably understood the meaning of ‘iambic pentameter’ far too early in my life. However, with all credit to my parents who pushed me to go to drama lessons and my teacher, Mrs Jasper for putting up with my childish behaviour during her classes, I learnt an incredible amount. For a young girl of around seven sometimes it got a little confusing but I distinctly remember reading a series of CGP learning books that explained it in easy to understand ways. My love for Shakespeare has lived on throughout the majority of my twenty years and I do believe he single-handedly chose English as my degree.


During my GCSE’s I fell out of love with my dear William for a little while, I started to realise it was no longer fun to analyse his plays when it was every single line for around three hours a day. It also started to dawn on me that I was very reliant of my notes I’d made to find we couldn’t take our books into the exam. It was down to this man and a play I had never read to get me good grades, thankfully A Winter’s Tale was kind to me and I did do well. So when it came to my A-levels and I started reading Chaucer, my love grew back and Mr Shakespeare was a very welcome relief.


To my delight this year, one of my module choices was called ‘Understanding Shakespeare’ and the plays that were to be studied were Macbeth and Richard the third. My father went to the Royal Shakespeare Company the next week and returned with tickets to see Macbeth, three different written versions of Richard the third, including a manga novella and a bright pink t-shirt which read ‘Team Capulet.’ I’m very thankful to have parents that do share the same interests as me and support my love affair with a certain playwright’s words.




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