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Were Vogue wrong to shoot a young girl that way?

A recent spread for french Vogue has stirred up some controversy this week, when they gave a ten-year old model her own shoot. Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau was shown posing on fur rugs, wearing stilettos, wearing heavy make up and high fashion gowns.


Now, the average Vogue subscriber, I don’t believe would have a problem with this spread as, like me, they would see it as high-end fashion as opposed to adverts for pedophilia. This featured shoot in Vogue has her dressed up to the nines in grown ups outfits. The shoot itself shows a little girl in women’s clothing and has clearly been done to highlight the irony of it all. The multi-million dollar industry that is high-end fashion are always looking for new ways to emphasize the clothes and stir up publicity and what a terrific job they did of getting this little girl noticed. Fashion models have, by tradition always started young, Kate Moss started at fourteen for example and this rule of thumb is stronger than ever with the likes of Haillee Steinfeld and Elle Fanning becoming the new faces of major fashion campaigns by names such as Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs.


Despite this, I do understand why the moral outrage card has been thrust onto this Vogue spread, she does look too provocative and her heavy make up makes her look older than her young ten years. Vogue however, have done this girl a world of favours, little Thylane is now going to be in even higher demand and will probably be set for life when it comes to jobs. It’s no wonder this young girl went into modelling, if my child had facial features that beautiful, it would probably be something I’d encourage, too.With long wavy hair and piercing blue eyes it’s no wonder she’s been compared to the likes of greats such as Brigitte Bardot.  


When it comes to anything in life I’ve always found the French to be far more flippant and laid-back about things whereas the British have a tendency to get their backs up a little bit easier. I think more people need to start seeing this for what it is as just a fashion shoot, with a young girl caught in the middle. People are worried about how this is going to affect Thylane in later life but if everyone keeps harping on about this one shoot, she will be remembered for controversy and with a very impressive modelling resume, that doesn’t seem right. There may well have been an error in judgement by parents, photographers and editors with this spread but personally I can’t see many pedophiles buying French Vogue, anyway!


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Nailed it!

A massive new trend alert that I have noticed has arrived in the form of nail art. The old theory of ‘if you have a steady hand with polish there’s no need to pay for a manicure’ is completely out of the window. You don’t have to pay, but you may as well when they look this good. It’s no longer acceptable to just have acrylic french tips, this is now too dated. Why have white tips when you can have multi-coloured?! The best thing I ever did was put all my nail polishes into a big shoe box, this way I can get creative on my own when I’m bored in the house in front of the TV.

Nail artists are the new hair stylists and names like WAH nails and Sophy Robson are spreading like wildfire and becoming the new Nicky Clarkes of this world. I found Sophy Robson via twitter about four months ago and what an inspiration that woman is! She has just released a line of instructional how to booklets for Sephora in the US, so we can all achieve the professional look at home. Thanks to her, my wallet hurts. I have spent more money on polishes and nail art pens in the last few months trying out her new ideas. I’ve had rhinestones, leopard print, pastels, minx, smiley faces, polka dots, you name it. I’ve never changed my styles so much but there’s something about doing my nails that relaxes me.

This trend is obvious if you look for it, adverts in magazines have started incorporating nails more and nail art’s being used more on the runways, too. For instance, Topshop at London Fashion Week gave their models dalmatian nails to match the seasons dalmatian prints. The nail art trend has always been popular but has become more mainstream with the release of shatter polishes though brands such as O.P.I. and Barry M. With openings of WAH nails in Topshop on Oxford Street, fabulous and quirky nails are now easier than ever to obtain. My suggestion is to get down to Boots, buy some polishes and have a lazy sunday painting and trying new things.

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