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Were Vogue wrong to shoot a young girl that way?

A recent spread for french Vogue has stirred up some controversy this week, when they gave a ten-year old model her own shoot. Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau was shown posing on fur rugs, wearing stilettos, wearing heavy make up and high fashion gowns.


Now, the average Vogue subscriber, I don’t believe would have a problem with this spread as, like me, they would see it as high-end fashion as opposed to adverts for pedophilia. This featured shoot in Vogue has her dressed up to the nines in grown ups outfits. The shoot itself shows a little girl in women’s clothing and has clearly been done to highlight the irony of it all. The multi-million dollar industry that is high-end fashion are always looking for new ways to emphasize the clothes and stir up publicity and what a terrific job they did of getting this little girl noticed. Fashion models have, by tradition always started young, Kate Moss started at fourteen for example and this rule of thumb is stronger than ever with the likes of Haillee Steinfeld and Elle Fanning becoming the new faces of major fashion campaigns by names such as Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs.


Despite this, I do understand why the moral outrage card has been thrust onto this Vogue spread, she does look too provocative and her heavy make up makes her look older than her young ten years. Vogue however, have done this girl a world of favours, little Thylane is now going to be in even higher demand and will probably be set for life when it comes to jobs. It’s no wonder this young girl went into modelling, if my child had facial features that beautiful, it would probably be something I’d encourage, too.With long wavy hair and piercing blue eyes it’s no wonder she’s been compared to the likes of greats such as Brigitte Bardot.  


When it comes to anything in life I’ve always found the French to be far more flippant and laid-back about things whereas the British have a tendency to get their backs up a little bit easier. I think more people need to start seeing this for what it is as just a fashion shoot, with a young girl caught in the middle. People are worried about how this is going to affect Thylane in later life but if everyone keeps harping on about this one shoot, she will be remembered for controversy and with a very impressive modelling resume, that doesn’t seem right. There may well have been an error in judgement by parents, photographers and editors with this spread but personally I can’t see many pedophiles buying French Vogue, anyway!


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Shoes, glorious shoes

A shoe store, I have found, is something that has the capacity to start wars. There’s the wife to husband, girlfriend to boyfriend or even daughter to father argument of ‘but I love them, I just can’t afford them, please’. This is the most popular, if any of these men refuse this request, I’m sure we are all familiar with the wrath they will feel along with the silent treatment for at least a few hours.

There’s also the ‘I’m sorry, we don’t have these in your size’ argument, this is usually met with panicking, sweating women asking frantically if they can be ordered online or at least in another store. With size two and a half feet, US size 5 and european 34/35, that woman is usually me. There is one way of avoiding this argument, if the sales assistant comes out with two boxes neither of which are your size, it’s probably a good idea to walk away. Neither will fit and can only lead to disappointment. Women shoe salesman always speak to me so calmly and with such great sympathy in their voice as they politely tell me ‘no’. I feel they understand the loss that’s occurring, you just don’t get that kind of sympathy with male shoe salesmen, you can tell they’re more annoyed about the loss of their commission.

The final shoe argument is the one that can turn friends against friends, mothers against daughters and can lead to full on fights between strangers, this is called the ‘I saw it first’ argument. I inherited my ridiculously small feet from my mother, she has the same size only wider, this means the shoes that are just that too big for me, she could pull off. I’ve also done battle with strangers in sales before now to which I  have seen a pair of shoes, gone to take my shoe off to try it, had someone take the shoe from me and then ran over to where the woman was and stolen them back. The arguments between my mother over 20 years have been catastrophic, we now know when it comes to shoe shopping, she’ll start on one side of the store and I’ll start on the other and whoever sees them first, gets them and that’s tough luck.

Most men don’t understand the fascination that women have with shoes, the rush that women get when the most gorgeous shoes fit perfectly and look beautiful. Yes, they will hurt after ten minutes and yes, if we try to dance we will probably slip and yes, if we attempt to walk on cobble stones we probably will break an ankle. But, what a small price to pay for something that will give us sophistication, elegance and grace and good golly they make my legs looks good!

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Are newspapers trying to prove how dated they are?

I’ve always been a big believer in newspapers and have always preferred to read them in life than online. Ever since I was young my father and I would fight over the newspaper in the morning and they’ve made me want to become a journalist. It’s always interesting to receive people’s reaction when you say this would be your future job of choice.  The reaction has changed somewhat recently as you can imagine, now instead of ‘oh good for you, it’s tough out there but I’m sure you’ll do well’ is now usually met with begrudging looks and tales of friends of friends involved in any form of recent Newscorp scandal.

I’ve found myself in hot water over recent months when speaking about these recent disgraces with friends and stood up for the News of The World. Even though I don’t condone their actions, I have said in the past that the public have been slightly to blame with regards to ‘hackgate’ by not making a bigger fuss when it only involved celebrities but as soon as it slightly crosses a morality line, they can cry moral outrage. I do mainly still believe this as I have to wonder why should any other person’s right to privacy be denied in a pay out whereas another’s right can close down a national newspaper.

Gordon Brown yesterday came out and told about how The Sun immorally used his son’s Cystic Fibrosis to sell newspapers and illegally obtained documents to prove the disease. Finally, a case for both sides! Only a politician could bring the celebrity side and the moral outrage cry together. So what did The Sun do this morning? Printed the most in your face headline imaginable. Newscorp haven’t said one single thing defending their actions until today and this is how it’s done? With not a shred of dignity or class left, the headline simply reads ‘BROWN WRONG’. That the Browns knew they were going to run the story because Rebekah Brooks called the ex-PM and told him they planned to do so, that they were told by a member of the public and not by accessing any medical accounts. Have the newspapers finally lost it? Are they so out of touch that they do not realise that this damning headline has just lead to trending twitter topics such as ‘boycott the sun’? Do they seriously believe that just because they’ve said ‘no, we told him’ that it’s ok?

Rebekah Brooks is quite clearly crazy, this was confirmed after I did a little background reading and remembered her attempted assault on her ex husband, a little known man named Ross Kemp. It never has been or never will be ok to gossip of someone’s illnesses and as a newspaper they went about it so wrong. Why didn’t Brooks just ask him for an interview speaking out about it? It’s easier, the Browns could have had time to prepare what to say, to raise awareness and to get the story out in their own way. Instead The Sun as usual, filled with class, beat him to the punch.

The British newspapers were once my favourite thing of the day, now I find myself cringing at their headlines for a fear of what malicious statement they’re going to make next. My faith in them has been shattered and I have started to question myself for wanting to go into journalism. It’s safe to say that I will never read a News International paper again and have firmly swapped over to The Guardian.

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